domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Participants will have the opportunity to meet renowned directors and actors related to theater face to face and will be able to discuss with them their research concerns. We made a selection based on diversity of their careers and expertise. They will be able to introduce a new voice to our seminar and lecture in detail about their field. All of our guests, who have already confirmed their participation, have committed to share with our participants their knowledge and expertise, but also their personal narrative regarding the historical memory during decades, whether in culture in general or theater in particular.

Guest speakers’ short résumés

Cristina Escofet Philosophy Professor, writer, playwright and recognized researcher in gender issues (Archetypes, a Model to disassemble). She has written scripts for television and received the “Banda de Honor” (Argentina Society of Writers). Escofet has twenty three plays staged by herself and by different theater directors in Argentina and other countries, and sixteen theater plays published. In 1995 her Complete Theater plays anthology got the Faja de Honor SADE (Argentina Society of Writers) in theater. In.1999 she won first prize in the category: Women's Intermediate Generation for her play “Eternity Class” (sic) in the Competition University of New York-Argentores. In 2005 she is awarded the price Margarita Ponce for her contribution to the culture of gender by the UMA (Union of Argentine Women). In 2012 she got the Best National Awards author: Florencio Sánchez for “Bastarda sin nombre” (Bastard without a name) and in 2013 the Prize “Star of the Sea” (Estrella de Mar, to the best staged play in Mar del Plata (Argentina). She will share with the Seminar participants her views in relation to Theater, Gender and History.

Dr. Ricardo Gómez Professor at California State University and at the National University of Buenos Aires (Philosophy and Economy Departments). 
He has published Neoliberalismo y seudociencia (Buenos Aires: Lugar Editorial 1995), Neoliberalismo globalizado. Refutación y debacle (Buenos Aires: Machi, 2003),The Impact of Neoliberalism in Latin America. Philosophical Perspectives (California, Hansen House, 2004) and Neoliberalismo, fin de la historia y después (Buenos Aires: Punto de Encuentro Editorial, 2014). He will focus on the impact of globalizacion and Neoliberalism in the different dimensions of human life and cultural production in Latin America.

Communitarian Theater Directors

Ricardo Talento Director since 1987 of Los Calandracas Theater Group. Creator of Theatre to Ensamble (Teatro para Armar). In 1996 he founded the Circuito Cultural Barracas comprised a Murga “Los descontrolados de Barracas” but especially of the Communitarian Theater of Barracas. He received the: Metropolitan Theatre Award 2000 – we has the finalist for the Trinidad Guevara Award in 2000 and got the award given by “Teatro del Mundo” (National University of Buenos Aires) for Best Director in 2000. He and Adhemar Bianchi were the initiators of the Communitarian Theater Movement in Argentina. Since 1996 he is Director/Coordinator of the Communitarian Theater of the Circuito Cultural Barracas, Buenos Aires.

Agustina Ruiz Barrea She is the director/coordinator of the Comunitarian Theater Group “Pompapetriyasos” from Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires. She initiated the group that now has an ample spectrum of activities in the neighborhood. She is also a professor at the School of Theater and Acting Andamio 90.